Geometria’s successful participation in the European Utility Week conference

This year’s European Utility Week (EUW), one of the most significant conferences and exhibitions in the public utility sector, took place in Vienna on 6th–8th November. Our company also attended as an exhibitor with an own booth. The event attracted 12 thousand visitors from 100 countries as well as 600 exhibitors.

Geometria presented its newest innovational development at EUW which is an AR solution supporting the on-site work of utilities based on absolute position determination. The pioneer work that led to this innovation is reflected by the following fact, too: Altogether, 3 companies presented their AR systems, of which only Geometria’s solution is suitable for displaying and managing underground technical instruments (e.g. public utility networks) and related information.

The ones, who visited Geometria’s booth, got informed – besides the AR solution – about…
• Geometria’s risk-based tool that supports maintenance planning,
• our MIRTUSZ system that supports work control tasks, and
• the SAM (Smart Asset Management) maturity model developed by our company that supports the asset management of public utility networks.

Budapest Waterworks and Geometria’s successful application for innovation programme

National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NKFI) implemented their fund programme called “Supporting the RDI activities of small, medium-sized and large enterprises” in 2018, too. It aims to promote research, development and innovation of domestic businesses in the Central Hungarian region. The goal of NKFI with this programme is to increase innovative businesses’ in-house product, technology and service development activities, that can result in developing exportable or marketable new products, services and technologies as well as contribute to the activity boost of companies.

For this NKFI programme, Budapest Waterworks and Geometria handed in their application titled “Supporting the planning and management of operational processes in a public water system with a smart IT solution” in form of consortium cooperation. In the project, the members of the consortium will develop a work control system based on closed processes for the IT support of operational processes at public utilities according to the principles of information-driven asset management. This system will be usable and marketable both in the domestic public utility sector and in export markets.

After NKFI had approved the application of the consortium, NKFI and the members of the consortium entered into a contract in December 2018. The project is going to be started in January 2019 and is planned to be finished in two years’ time, by the end of 2020.

Geometria present AR at European Utility Week

Visit our stand (B.m23) at European Utility Week between 6-8 Nov. in Vienna. You can try our newest innovation the Augmented Reality or visit the following website: to get more info.