The Customer and Workforce Management System for Waterworks of Budapes
The Waterworks of Budapest (Vízmûvek) audited the enterprise processes within the company in 2004-2005, in order to support the constantly increasing demands in co-ordination, central management and work scheduling and to improve the efficiency of pipe network related tasks and processes. Vízmûvek had carried out a large reform in organizational structures. The field work operation management and scheduling had been centralized, and a special norm system had been introduced in field work execution. 

House connection conversion and main pipe network migration
Brabant Water, the Dutch regional water work had charged Geometria with one project after the other on different migration tasks of input source data into their distribution pipe network registration system in GFIS. The input sources were databases with different structures administrated before by three different Dutch companies. 

Water Supply Network Registration Database Construction for Limburg Waterworks The project involved creating a network-registered database for the network information system of WML.
This database-construction project fits into the series of network information developments started in the middle of 90′s in Holland. The Dutch utility companies decided to make the data conversion by engineering offices to compete with each other in open bids.